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Art Blog #3

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Art Blog #3


Duende (noun) meaning …the mysterious power of art to deeply move someone.
I learnt a new word today. I have never heard that word before, but I certainly have experienced its meaning. One of my favourite paintings is by Manet titled “Dance at le Moulin de la Galette.” It makes me emotional. I do not know why but I love the Olde Worlde romance of it. I can almost hear the music play and feel the closeness of the couple. The colours are sophisticated and restful to me.
Another example of an artwork which moves me is from one of my heroes in the art world, Richard Robinson. His recent painting “Last Call” is a vibrant, lively oil painting of seagulls on our very own Ruakaka Beach. It conjures up that exciting, bracing feeling that I get when walking on the beach on a blustery day. I am taken right there, and I can imagine that I can smell, feel, hear and see the scene. It moves me.
I want my art to move people. I have seen someone cry over one of my paintings. It was a privilege. I have heard from the curator of my floral Painting exhibition that a young girl was having a hard week, so she came a few times to look at my paintings as they lifted her spirits and made her feel happy.
I have heard people laugh at my paintings…but that is another story 😉
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