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Art Blog #2

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“I am an artist – this means I live in a fantasy world with unrealistic expectations – thank you for understanding.” Author unknown.

It might as well have been me who came up with that wee insight. I expect I will have more time next week to paint…. I expect people will leave me alone when I’m in my creative zone…I expect art supplies will be on sale when I need to replenish them… I expect beautiful creations will appear every time I put brush to canvas…I expect people will squabble over who can pay the most for my latest creation. Only joking!! However, I am predominantly an optimist. Some people closest to me have observed before that I see the world through rose coloured glasses. All the better to paint pretty pictures with I say! I usually paint flowers because I am overcome with how beautiful they are, and I want others to see them as I see them. My fantasy world is full of rose-coloured flowers.

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